Darul Sehat Hospital

The Challenges

According to Mr Danish who is IT Manager at Darul Sehat Hospital , the Patient Records is a very important and Critical Data in any respect for us , In Darul Sehat 100 of Patient record maintain on daily base, so in this case they are facing many challenges in terms or reliability and availability of Data . also their concern related to Data Protection, protect from Malware and Threads, keeps the Data always on protection and Secure Emails from Spamming.

The Solution

Hybrid Team gives the solution to Darul Sehat is to upgrade the environment to the latest tech and also transform the Data from Old Hardware and Storage to New HPE Hardware and Storage for better IOPS and Performance and also to protect the VMs from any Failure . For Security we offered Kaspersky Antivirus to protect the Critical Data from unwanted access as well as malware attack. Email Spam and SQL Queries now protect from unwanted ports and access, users can now freely open new Email as they are Protected by World best Protection Software.

Key Challenges

  • Improve Data Storage and increase Processing.
  • Wanted to reduce Capex and Storage Costs.
  • Manage and Grow Storage Infrastructure without specialized Skillsets Don’t Compromise on Performance.
  • VMs always Available incase of any Failure happened.
  • Protect Data from Malware and Thread.

VMware Footprint

  • Kaspersky Antivirus

App Virtualized

  • Email Server
  • MS SQL Server
  • Hospital Management Application


  • HP DL 380 Gen 10 Server
  • HP Switch
  • HP MSA 2050 Storage